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Azienda agricola Mezzasalma

Via Gaddimeli Gatto Corvino Ragusa

The dairy business was born as an art workshop of Valorization of milk production of Modicana race cows, now defined as an extinction, breed in the farm. The Modicana bovine, unique in the world and native of the Iblea province, is able to produce a inimitable milk because it is particularly rich in fats and proteins, which is able to express the best quality performance when used to produce typical cheeses such as provola, ricotta and Ragusano DOP.

These cheeses, synthesis of a skillful dairy art so much ancient and natural, are the expression of the territory in which they are produced. The value is to attribute to the bovine race modicana, historical and cultural heritage of our territory, which can convey to cheese colors, smells, scents and flavors in the pastures and fodder they feed on.