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Artemisia Resort

13 Via Enrico Caruso Ragusa

Artemisia Resort is an old farmhouse renovated and inserted in a rural setting among old dried stone walls, carob trees, olive trees and centuries-old hackberry trees.

The guys who work at Artemisia are motivated and always inclined to give useful advices in order that our guests can appreciate the baroque cities, the countryside of Ragusa, restaurants and farms which use only km 0 raw materials.

We used for the furniture of the common rooms exceeding beams from the renovation of the roofs. We also employed some stuffs used by our grandparents giving to these items new life and new use.

Following the idea of recycled is better, we are used to use napkins made with recycled paper at breakfast.

The shower that is near the swimming pool is heated by solar power and the sun helps us for the production of domestic hot water.